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Remove Powered by Zedo & URL.cpvfeed.com Popups

Spyware is computer software that is installed on your computer without your consent and intercepts or takes partial control over your interaction with your computer. Spyware such as Zedo “powered by Zedo” and URL.cpvfeed.com redirects your browser or opens popups displaying advertising. Zedo and URL.cpvfeed.com spyware also installs the core.sys rootkit resulting in slow internet speeds, different home pages and also loss of internet. In this article on Spyware and Adware removal, I will show you how to remove the Zedo(powered by Zedo) and URL.cpvfeed.com popups and also remove the core.sys rootkit.

How to Remove “Powered by Zedo” and URL.cpvfeed.com spyware

Step 1: Download PC Tools Spyware Doctor.

We will be using this free Anti Spyware tool provided by Google. Google is giving out this amazing Spyware product for free as part of its Google Pack. While the Google Pack has other good software, you can download just the PC Tools Spyware Doctor. Click here download Spyware Doctor from PC Tools website to remove the Zero and URL.cpvfeed spyware software.


Step 2: Disable System restore on your computer.

On the Desktop, right click My Computer. Click Properties. Click the System Restore Tab. Check Turn off System Restore. Click Apply and OK. When prompted to restart your computer, Restart and Boot into Safe mode.

disable system restore

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