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Participating in Security Shark Tank with Robert Herjavec and CISOs

Participating as a ‘Shark’ as part of a panel comprising of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Robert Herjavec. The event is the Security Shark Tank taking place on Feb 14, 2017 in San Francisco during the week of RSA Conference 2017.

The event will be conducted in a true Shark Tank style environment that we are used to seeing in the hit TV series. It will be great participating alongside Robert Herjavec who will be serving as the host and moderator. It will give us the opportunity to interact with new technologies from top notch vendors while giving valuable feedback to the vendors themselves.

“The Security Shark Tank has grown to become the premier forum for CISOs and industry leaders to learn about innovative technology. I look forward to the rapid-fire exchange with my peers, the participating vendors and host Robert Herjavec during one of the most anticipated events during the week of RSA,” said Hearst CISO David Hahn, a former moderator and participant.

Link to the prnewswire feed: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/robert-herjavec-to-host-security-current-signature-event-security-shark-tank-in-san-francisco-300362932.html?tc=eml_cleartime

Judge for SC Magazine Awards 2017

The annual SC Magazine 2017 awards celebrating the best and brightest in Information Security is around the corner. As part of this mission, it was a huge honor and privilege to be part of a small panel of judges comprised of a range of cybersecurity industry luminaries — from current and former CISOs to vendor-neutral consultants or analysts to educators from academic institutions — all members of SC’s audience, validating the best of the best Information security products and services nominated for various cybersecurity awards.


Speaking at Global Big Data Conference 2016

Securing Apache Kafka by Ajit Gaddam

Speaking on Securing Apache Kafka

Global Big Data Conference
Securing Apache Kafka by Ajit Gaddam


The Session

The Interview


Speaking at Black Hat USA 2015

Very excited to announce my selection and participation in Black Hat USA 2015 being held in Las Vegas this year. My talk is titled ‘Securing Your Big Data Environment’. Come join me in the South Seas CDF room in Mandalay Bay between 16:20 – 17:10 hours.

Link to Black Hat: https://www.blackhat.com/us-15/briefings.html#securing-your-big-data-environment

Ajit Gaddam Black Hat Speaker

Summary of the talk: Hadoop and big data are no longer buzz words in large enterprises. Whether for the correct reasons or not, enterprise data warehouses are moving to Hadoop and along with it come petabytes of data. How do you ensure big data in Hadoop does not become a big problem or a big target. Vendors pitch their technologies as the magical silver bullet. However, did you realize that some controls are dependent on how many maps are available in the production cluster. What about the structure of the data being loaded? How much overhead does decryption operation add? If tokenizing data, how do you distinguish between in and original production data? However, in certain ways, Hadoop and big data represent a greenfield opportunity for security practitioners. It provides a chance to get ahead of the curve, test and deploy your tools, processes, patterns, and techniques before big data becomes a big problem.

Come join this session, where we walk through control frameworks we built and what we discovered, reinvented, polished, and developed to support data security, compliance, cryptographic protection, and effective risk management for sensitive data.

Happy 10/10/10 Binary Day

The day is made up entirely of ones and zeros, the binary language for computing.

Some other trivia about 10/10/10

0. Converting 101010 from binary to decimal gives 42, the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

1. Apparently, it is a big day for marriages. The reason for the surge is a blend of superstition and symbolism, said Maria McBride, the wedding style director at Brides Magazine. “You cross your fingers and hope it lasts a lifetime,” she said, and so “a perfect 10, times 3” suggests good luck. Besides, Ms. McBride said, “You’ll never forget your anniversary.”