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Solution to Error 500 after upgrading to WordPress 2.7

After I recently upgraded my blog to the latest version of WordPress v2.7, I noticed an Error 500 – Internal server error.

This seems to be a problem for WordPress blogs which are hosted by 1&1

The solution to the Error 500 – Internal Server error

1. Create a file called “php.ini” in the /wp-admin/ directory of your blog

2. In the file add the text “memory = 20MB” without the quotes

This should fix the problem

WordPress Security Tips to protect your WordPress Blog

While WordPress in general is pretty secure grounds up, it is still vulnerable to the many kinds of security exploits out there.

WordPress Security Tip # 1: Upgrade your WordPress Blog

Keeping your WordPress blog up to date by installing the latest version of WordPress. You may think it is pain to update every time, but in terms of security and if you don’t want your blog to be hacked, this is very very crucial.

WordPress has detailed and simple instructions on how to update your blog. Check them out and keep your blog up-to-date. You can subscribe to the WordPress Development blog at http://wordpress.org/development/feed/ which will keep you up-to-date on the latest WordPress patches or the latest WordPress releases.

WordPress Security Tip # 2: Remove the version string in your header.php file of your WordPress theme

Again, if you don’t keep your WordPress blog up-to-date with the latest version, WordPress is kind enough to let potential hackers know that you did not update your blog. Say, you want to find a list of WordPress blogs still running WordPress 2.2, a simple google search would generate a list.

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