Unlike loss of a physical device, if an attacker breaks into your corporate network, you still have your data after they steal it. It is more important that ever to detect if your company has been broken into by a hacker. This article identifies a number of indicators of compromise activity on a corporate network. […]

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A CDN – short for Content Distribution Network helps serve content with high availability and provides performance benefits along with faster page load times. The Google Libraries API is a CDN for serving the most popular, open-source JavaScript libraries and allows any website to use it for free. Examples include Dojo, jQuery, Prototype among others. Why […]


The need for Secure Coding in an Enterprise

by Ajit Gaddam on March 8, 2012

We live in a global village of interconnected systems that share data and other services. Such an environment calls for heightened awareness around application security. Enterprises should establish a strong application security program and integrate security into the entire software development lifecycle including the design, development, verification, and maintenance processes. The following in an excellent […]


Google Chrome Security Settings and Configuration Guide for Enterprise

February 17, 2012

Google Chrome holds a market share of about 25% of the overall web browser market. It is growing faster and gaining more market share by the day than all the browsers out there. Most of these users seek to extend their usage of the Google Chrome browser to their work environment. The reason Internet Explorer […]

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How to create Secure and Easy to Remember Passwords

October 30, 2011

It is very important to choose a secure password to help protect your identity and information on the Internet. I previously wrote about strong password suggestions and how easy it is for bad guys and hackers to guess your weak password. In this article, I will walk you through a process on how you can […]

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