Solution to Error 500 after upgrading to WordPress 2.7

After I recently upgraded my blog to the latest version of WordPress v2.7, I noticed an Error 500 – Internal server error.

This seems to be a problem for WordPress blogs which are hosted by 1&1

The solution to the Error 500 – Internal Server error

1. Create a file called “php.ini” in the /wp-admin/ directory of your blog

2. In the file add the text “memory = 20MB” without the quotes

This should fix the problem

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  1. What determines the 20mb? I have this issue of a 500 Error which is not specific to a task being actioned but anything updating post, normal browsing, plugin activation/deactivation. Re-Installed WP2.7 with new DB and started with the basics of plugins but still getting the error. I tried the php.ini in the wp-admins and have still received this issue.

    At this point my only major changes since already running WP2.7 was upgrading to PHP5 from 4. I am not saying it is PHP5 only but perhaps and issue with PHP5 and WP2.7?

    Server version: 5.0.32-Debian_7etch8-log
    PHP Version: 5.2.0-8+etch10
    WP Version: 2.7 (Current Release as of 20th Jan 2009)

  2. I am having the same problem, unless I use the admin email address when posting (without logging in first) in which case the result is just a blank page with no post. Please help, it’s unbelievably frustrating and I’ve been looking for days…

  3. I have the same error :
    The website cannot display the page
    HTTP 500
    Most likely causes:
    The website is under maintenance.
    The website has a programming error.

    The ini file did’nt fixed the problem.
    Other suggestions?

    1. my guess would be an issue with plugins. I would start by deactivating all your plugins. If you can’t access them using WordPress GUI, just SFTP to your web server and rename the plugins folder. That should deactivate them all. Then start enabling them one by one. Usually the problem plugins are wpcache and sitemaps.

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