Tracking Cookies while generally of a low threat level to your PC, they are still classified as Spyware. This article describes what a tracking cookie is, how to identify tracking cookies and finally how to remove tracking cookies.

What is a tracking Cookie?

Tracking cookies usually track the session of a user to a particular website. There are two kinds of tracking cookies in the simplest sense. The good kind and the bad kind. The good kind are used for authenticating and maintaining specific information about users such as site preferences and the contents of eshopping carts.

However, if you visit seedy sites (porn, torrent sites, free stuff) you are most likely going to get the bad kind. In any case, these tracking cookies can be shared among two or more sites all for tracking your browsing tendencies and gathering and sharing information which people might regard as “private”. This private information can be your name or email address and you are more likely to get all sorts of spam to your email.

A typical tracking cookie will look something like this 0 2719785088 29508922 2980377808 29496852 * ”

The encoded info in this cookie includes a unique UserID assigned by a web server; the cookie can be used to track a user as they visit other sites that accept this cookie.

How to remove Tracking Cookies?

Since tracking cookies are tagged as spyware, you can remove them using commercial AntiSpyware software. The best AntiSpyware software I found is the PC Tools Spyware Doctor. If you buy PC Tools directly from the vendor, the software is around $40. However, Google is giving this PC Tools away for free as part of Google Pack. Click here to including the PC Tools AntiSpyware software we need to remove tracking cookies.

pc tools spyware doctor

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