I think I came across one of the best strong password generators on the Internet at Password Chart. Picking a strong password is very important. A strong and secure password should go beyond just a simple number such as passw0rd where you replace the o with a zero(0) or a special character in the end such as password!. However, when you have to go picking numbers, special characters for a strong password of more than 7 characters, it can become hard to remember such a strong password.

For using the password chart, enter any common phrase you might use or known to you. For example, I used the phrase “the ipod rocks“. Now, using this phrase, the password chart generates a chart for you. If you are online, you can enter a password you wish to convert using this chart. You can enter a simple word or words here. For example, I used the word “zune” as a password I wished to convert to generate a strong password. I end up with a strong password of “%^Ed8u63G“. Once you generate a password chart, you can also print it out and use it for generating other strong passwords without the need to access the internet.

strong password generator

Click here to access Password Chart and generate a strong password

Technical Information. How the Password Chart Generator works

1. An MD5 hash of the chart selection phrase is performed and the first 4 bytes of the hash is used as a random number seed to a Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator.
2. The password chart is then filled using sequences of 1 to 3 random upper and lower case letters and optionally numbers and punctuation by grabbing successive numbers generated from the Twister. The reason for the random sequence length is to make reversing the substitution cipher a bit harder.
3. The alphanumeric characters in the password is then converted using the chart.

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