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How to restore the missing Show Desktop icon in your Toolbar

The Show Desktop Icon is not a standard program shortcut but a Windows explorer command file written in plain text.If you have accidently deleted the Show Desktop Icons, here are the steps involved to recreate it:Step 1: Open a new notepad file and type the following text:


Step 2: Save this file as “Show Desktop.scf” and remember that when you save the notepad file, keep the filetype under “all files” and not “.txt” type.

Step 3: Use the mouse to drag the Show Desktop.scf icon to the Quick Launch toolbar or another location where you want the shortcut to appear.

Alternatively, you can press the Win+D shortcut key for Show Desktop. It’s much the same as Win+M which will minimize all the open windows to the task bar.

Windows that don’t have a minimize button are minimized using Win+D but not with Win+M. That’s the only difference.

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Author: Ajit Gaddam

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