Microsoft Windows 7 Feature Request List

Microsoft seems like it is on track to release the next generation or the next version of Windows, Windows 7 to be tentatively released in 2009.

An indicator of what users wish to see in this next version of Windows has surfaced recently. Following is the full list of these features requested, and it is highly probable that quite of few of these features could be incorporated into Windows 7.

Feedback ID # 244119: Allow users to customize indexing more effectively
Feedback ID # 244127: UAC badge on all icons that will require UAC prompt
Feedback ID # 244352: Record live tv when you rewind
Feedback ID # 246001: Include Pinball into next version of Windows
Feedback ID # 246465: Multi-session remote desktop
Feedback ID # 246472: Basic download manager for Internet Explorer
Feedback ID # 246493: IE7 should include session restore feature
Feedback ID # 246494: Implement Vector GUI in the next version of Windows
Feedback ID # 246496: Add a message to the “computer locked” screen
Feedback ID # 246502: Disallow removable (usb/firewire) drives to default to next available drive letter when the letter is already used by other network drives
Feedback ID # 246507: Improve taskbar for multi-monitor
Feedback ID # 246508: Add folder size to data displayed in Windows Explorer
Feedback ID # 246515: Windows backup should have more file choice options and should allow user to back-up specific files he selects
Feedback ID # 246534: More desktop themes should be offered in the default installation of the next version of Windows
Feedback ID # 246569: Change “delete” to “remove from desktop” in the Recycle Bin context menu
Feedback ID # 246575: Built in spell checker for Internet Explorer
Feedback ID # 246591: IE Direct file download – do not download to the temp folder
Feedback ID # 246638: Allow reordering taskbar (application) buttons
Feedback ID # 246642: Tabbed Explorer
Feedback ID # 246644: Image (ISO, BIN) support in Windows
Feedback ID # 246650: Extended Windows Update to cover 3rd party application updates and 3rd party driver updates
Feedback ID # 246656: Virtual Desktop Feature
Feedback ID # 246674: Integrated Anti -Virus
Feedback ID # 246702: Multiple taskbars for multi-monitor
Feedback ID # 246703: No dialog should take keyboard focus away from what you are doing
Feedback ID # 246706: Allow different background pictures per monitor
Feedback ID # 246736: Request for an inegrated font manager
Feedback ID # 246752: Windows Media Extenders should be able to play DivX and Xvid files
Feedback ID # 246777: Windows mail should be minimizable to system tray
Feedback ID # 246790: Low disk space warning should have individual settings for each partition
Feedback ID # 246818: A System repair option like XP, Winows 2000, Server 2003
Feedback ID # 246843: Not losing restore points and shadow copies when dual booting
Feedback ID # 246844: Support boot from EFI (Extended Firmware Interface) or UEFI
Feedback ID # 246846: Provide a GUI based BCD editor for common tasks
Feedback ID # 246878: Profile data – move locations of all user folders and data to another location
Feedback ID # 246886: Windows Mail should support hotmail
Feedback ID # 246911: Add hibernate progress indicator to Vista
Feedback ID # 246920: Screen resolution saved in profile
Feedback ID # 246939: Network Tray – “currently connected to” with context menus
Feedback ID # 246960: Rotate JPG files according to EXIF information
Feedback ID # 247005: Windows ‘Gaming’ Mode
Feedback ID # 247021: Live CD or DVD to boot from to recover from a crash or virus that would allow to transfer files
Feedback ID # 247130: Create a new user type for child with a protected desktop controlled by parent
Feedback ID # 247142: Desktop Icons arrangement – allow me to save
Feedback ID # 247161: Add a feature to parental control letting you choose how much time children can cannot, not only when
Feedback ID # 247201: Need Tweak-UI power tool
Feedback ID # 247209: Patch Operating system without having to reboot
Feedback ID # 247215: User needs simple way to identify and obtain driver for UNKNOWN devices displayed in device manager
Feedback ID # 247237: Built-in Codec Manager
Feedback ID # 247239: Replace error ID number with plain language explanation
Feedback ID # 247380: Apply the Aero UX guidelines consistenly throughout Windows
Feedback ID # 247399: Allow other Windows PCs to act as Media Center Extenders
Feedback ID # 247584: Command prompt should be improved
Feedback ID # 247638: Unblock blocked startup programs
Feedback ID # 247679: Windows should allow deactivation of non OEM machines
Feedback ID # 247872: Allow Windows user to submit feedback on installations fom Windows update
Feedback ID # 247969: Provide Manual Duplex Printing in Windows Print Dialog
Feedback ID # 248426: Family License
Feedback ID # 248520: Add an Icon to Programs running with Elevated Rights
Feedback ID # 249765: Freely open-up UXTheme.dll allowing users to apply their own Visual Styles to Windows
Feedback ID # 250523: Backup XBOX 360 games to Windows PC
Feedback ID # 250961: IE should have close button on each tab
Feedback ID # 251920: New PIP functionality for Media Center
Feedback ID # 252197: Recycle bin should “fill up” visually
Feedback ID # 253309: Deleting Addresses from IE7’s dropdown address bar
Feedback ID # 263788: Windows Internet Explorer: Add “undo close tab” option similar to Firefox
Feedback ID # 270404: Internet Explorer must have inline find
Feedback ID # 270643: Updated, powerful partition manager built into Windows
Feedback ID # 271413: Windows Media Player – support songs without albums
Feedback ID # 271630: Option to “reopen closed tabs” in IE
Feedback ID # 272414: Ability to run Explorer in “elevated mode”
Feedback ID # 274035: Make all Windows Updates Descriptive
Feedback ID # 274496: Drag tabs from one instance of IE to another
Feedback ID # 275384: Windows should not need to spin up the CD Drive every time you pull down a drive list
Feedback ID # 276876: Windows Entertainment packages as Ultimate Extras
Feedback ID # 277115: Add configuration options for SuperFetch
Feedback ID # 277826: MCE and Screensaver/Monitor shutdown settings
Feedback ID # 278938: Windows update Progress indicator
Feedback ID # 282155: DirectX update on Windows Update/Microsoft Update
Feedback ID # 282236: Zoom in Internet Explorer – stay where you are
Feedback ID # 288034: Native support for VHD and WIM file formats to be mounted
Feedback ID # 288680: Remove/blocking all existing messages when a sender is added to the blocked list
Feedback ID # 288688: Infinite desktop, virtual desktop idea
Feedback ID # 288996: Virtual Folders/Volumes for removable medias – for exploring and searching of files
Feedback ID # 289151: Bring back domain list on welcome screen to ease user logins
Feedback ID # 289763: Integrate Windows Calender with Sidebar calender gadget
Feedback ID # 289886: Automatic updates – more ‘notify only’ options
Feedback ID # 289890: Disk cleanup – Multiple drive/ partition options
Feedback ID # 290425: Media Center Television Programming Content Builder
Feedback ID # 290435: A more extensive sound mixer for Vista media center
Feedback ID # 291190: Constant Admin permissions loop trying to delete folders
Feedback ID # 291582: Windows Mail – Identify NGs with watched messages in newsgroup list and left panel
Feedback ID # 293378: Network/Internet bandwidth monitor
Feedback ID # 293455: Add box to select all checked updates to be uninstalled at once
Feedback ID # 293586: Explore Toggle button to quickly show/hide hidden files or system files
Feedback ID # 293959: Disk Manager needs to have the ability to expand partitions
Feedback ID # 295136: Prevent system restore points from being deleted when dual booting with XP
Feedback ID # 296526: Auto clean of Temp folders
Feedback ID # 297064: Media Center – Start recording from Live TV buffer
Feedback ID # 298183: Allow Outlook Express to be installed in Vista and future OS’s
Feedback ID # 298273: Create “my email” folder under Documents and Settings
Feedback ID # 298676: Make selective text option in various toolbars really ‘selective’
Feedback ID # 304809: Vista backup should put the files in the target location uncompressed
Feedback ID # 304823: Add alarm function to the OS clock


Also, at neowin, someone , “an insider” at Microsoft apprarantly got his hands on the internal release of Windows 7 and posted his initial review of Windows 7.

Following is the summary of this review

Over the weekend I finally managed to play with the build…. but disappointed.

One my primary machine, it asked for my SATA driver (never happened when installing Vista, as my drives were set as IDE in BIOS). After adding the driver from my USB thumb drive it would finally install. It didn’t boot after first restart, however.

On my laptop it installed perfectly, but with no driver support for the video card. After numerous tries I gave up in the end, so Aero is now left in the dark.

Oh well, so there’s nothing to show.

The build is 6.1.6519.

The GUI, as much of you have guessed, is very much like Vista. I don’t know if once the right video card driver is in place whether there will be flashy stuffs to surprise me. The system is very responsive, using barely 480MB of memory after boot.

Gadgets are now integrated into explorer. You can right click on desktop and select “Add Gadget” or “Hide Gadget”. There is a new gadget called “Windows Media Center” that displays now playing information from the WMC. On the same menu, “Display” is added above “Personalization” which gives you direct access to display DPI settings. The page is much more polished than the one in Vista.

The start menu features a pin besides each item. Clicking on it toggles pinning/unpinning the item. Search in explorer is now states where you search within (usually being within the folder, as in Vista). You can now, however, adjust the size of the search box.

Read the full review of this “insider” on Windows 7 at neowin here

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  1. i hope Windows Media Player have feature like.. enable screen saver when listening to music but automatically disable it when watching movie.

  2. I hope Windows 7 new taskbar could be easily replaced by the old Vista one. We need some text on the taskbar. Dont become a Mac, ’cause Mac suck.

    IE 7+8 need MUCH improvement.

    Add an option to allow tree viewing (like on XP) of the folder contents of “My Docs”, “My PC”, etc from the taskbar.

    Make installing and changing the OS’s language easy.

    Add advanced registry backup/restore tools.

    Make a program that compares default registry keys with the current ones and displays the mismathes to help the user solve problems.

    Add an utility that turns off the PC screen programmatically to reduce power consumption (notebooks don’t have a screen power button).

    Add an utility that processes shell context menu extensions and “shell new” entries.

    And finally, REMOVE ::MessageBox() API calls from the shell, especially the ones in loops… I had to restart my XP because of this once…
    I got stuck inside an endless loop of poping message-boxes, one after closing another. And my desktop was frozen (I couldn’t even restart the shell !).

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