Weekly Security Updates on 2011-03-13

  • @securityincite Mike, did you folks explore security as a service, not cloud services but internal to an organization(architecture domains)? #
  • @securityincite Mike, sent you a high level description of my thought around "security as a service" to your inbox. #
  • Reading IBM’s proposed standard for #Cloud Architecture submitted to the open group (doc file) http://goo.gl/VFNN7 #IBM #opengroup #
  • The 2011 #(ISC)2 Global Information #Security Workforce Study http://goo.gl/8hhIl, 46% spend time on “internal/political issues. Embrace it #
  • @jkresic You are welcome. Now, go put some fires out John 🙂 #
  • @eric_andersen I think its an interesting model. For me personally I will sit up if there is a #Facebook TV similar to #Google TV #

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