Developers are from Mars, Programmers are from Venus

Many of us use the terms programmer and developer interchangebly. Hacknot has an excellent article describing the concept the the terms programmer and developer are indeed as unique as how they are made out to be.

The term programmer has historically referred to a menial, manual input task conducted by an unskilled worker. However since the age of EDIAC and EDVAC have passed on, the modern programmer loves writing code and usually see their sole function in an organization as being the production of code, and view any task that doesn’t involve having their hands on the keyboard as an unwanted distraction.

Developers like to code as well, but they see it as being only a part of their job function. They focus more on delivering value than delivering program text, and know that they can’t create value without having an awareness of the business context into which they will deploy their application, and the organizational factors that impact upon its success once delivered.

Some other differences between programmers and developers according to the article

Programmers like to stay as ignorant as possible of the business within which they work. They consider the problem domain to be the realm of the non-technical, and neither their problem or concern.Developers view the business domain as their “second job.” They work to develop a solid understanding of those aspects of it that impact upon their software, then use that knowledge to determine what the real business problems are.

Programmers crave new technologies the way children crave sweets. They are forever flitting from one programming language, framework, library or IDE to the next. Developers have a much more cautious approach to new technology. They know that a new technology is inevitably hyped through the roof by those with a vested interest in its success, but that the reality of the technology’s performance in the field often falls short of the spectacular claims made by proponents.

Programmers often focus so intently upon the technologies they use that they come to believe that technology is the dominant factor influencing the ultimate success or otherwise of their projects. For developers, the dominant factors influencing the quality of your application, and ultimately its success or otherwise, are the quality of the people doing the development and the work methods that they follow.

Programmers try to solve every problem through coding whereas Developers know that coding effort is best reserved for the application itself. Other differences include Developers seek repeatability, programmers like one-off heroics and Programmers like complexity, developers favor simplicity. Also, developers care about users whereas Programmers often view their user base with disdain or even outright contempt, as if they are the ignorant hordes to whose low technical literacy they must pander and finally

Developers work, programmers play

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