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Excellent JS based English to LEET translator

     Leet is a phrase often used on the Internet, some being online games, message boards, and chat rooms. It comes from the word “elite”, meaning “above everyone else”. It’s most commonly written as “1337” or “l33t”. It can also be written differently, the numbers 1, 3 and 7 standing for L, E and T respectively.

A Leet Speak Alphabet
* A—4,/-\,/_\
* B—8,|3 and very uncommonly 13
* C—<,{,[,(
* D—|>,|),|},|]
* E—3
* F—|=,ph
* G—[,-
* H—|-|,[-].{-},|=|,[=],{=}
* I—1,|
* J—usually the J is untouched
* K—|< ,1 <
* L—|_,|,1_
* M—|\/|,^^
* O—0,(),[],{}
* P—|o,p,|O
* Q—O, or 9
* R—|2,12
* S—5,$
* T—7,+
* U—|_|
* V—\/
* W—\/\/,(/\), \^/
* X—><,
* Y—j
* Z—Z

Numbers for letters
One of the qualities of leet speak is using numbers to replace letters. Many words have numbers leet speak.
* 1 — L, I (I is more often shown as |, and sometimes as ][)
* 2 — Z (not in common usage)
* 3 — E
* 4 — A
* 5 — S
* 6 — G (not in common usage)
* 7 — T (can also be L)
* 8 — B
* 9 — G
* 0 — O (Occasionally represented by “()”)
Below is a simple javascript I wrote to translate English into leet.

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Author: Ajit Gaddam

Ajit Gaddam is an accomplished technology executive and is currently the Head of Security Engineering at Visa, where he is responsible for building large scale AI driven cybersecurity products, leading engineering programs, and providing expert guidance on cybersecurity matters. He has presented at conferences worldwide, including USENIX Enigma, RSA, Black Hat, Strata Data Hadoop, COSO Dublin, and GCS Ukraine. Ajit has been quoted by major media organizations and his work has been showcased in academic journals, security publications, and in two published books. He is an active participant in various open source and standards bodies, is a prolific inventor of disruptive technologies (over 100+ global patents), and moonlights as an instructor (SANS, community colleges).

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