Using DOMJAX for Domain Name Search

CNN writes that more than 70 million web domain names have been purchased, and most – if not all – dictionary-word domain names (i.e., have already been taken. That should not disappoint you since millions of good web domain names are still available, all that’s required is a bit of creative thinking, some permutation-combinations and a good tool for searching free domain names that have never been registered before or the owner failed to renew the expired domain name. 3rdeye, a UK based company, has launched a very useful AJAX based Internet domain search tool called DomJax that instantly check availability of a name across a wide variety of domains. Just type in any word and DomJax would instantly tell you if a .com extension is available or not. It even searches availability across the boutique extensions such as, .net, .edu and .info. The most impressive part of DomJax is the whois report that it generates in real time – even if a domain name is not available, you can hover the mouse over the domain name (no click required) and DomJax pops up a neat “thought bubble” which has all the information about that domain like who owns it, when it will expire and how to contact the owner.

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