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Why is Windows so expensive?

If you type in the query of Why is Windows so expensive? or Why is Microsoft Windows so expensive? on Microsoft’s search engine returns the top result as “Why are Macs so expensive”. This is rather disappointing where bing seemed ready to give Google a challenge in the search engine space.

Why is Windows so expensive.
Why is Windows so expensive.

Following are the top results from Bing:

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Why are Macs so expensive?
Why are Macs so expensive? â” There are some good reasons not to choose a Mac when you … If I feel like Sony are charging too much for a Laptop with Windows I can get a …
Why fish is so expensive! – Windows Live

This is the result from Google:

Why Windows Vista and Office 2007 are so Expensive  The Firefox …
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Writing on the Wall: Why Windows is so expensive
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Gizmodo – The World’s Most Expensive Copy of Windows XP – XP

Update: Microsoft seems to have fixed this.

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1 thought on “Why is Windows so expensive?

  1. Windows Server 2008 R2 costs about 1,000 to 2,000 bucks.
    You could buy a MAC with that… A MAC!!!!
    Microsoft, you guys are in need of money!

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